Photos by Vince Ready.

I am a storyteller for places and events. This came from my interest as child in the buildings and roads that surrounded the family’s homestead. An old cabin came to life through the stories that my grandmother would tell about the former occupant. The same became true for road names, towns and geographic features.

This interest in a sense of place developed in to the study of history at Lewis and Clark College and Tulane University. At the same time that I was pursuing history, I was fostering an interest in art that I only discovered as a freshman in college. Since graduation I have pursued careers as an elementary school teacher, graphic designer and merchant mariner.

As a self taught artist, the work featured on this website represents the culmination of all the training both formal and informal that I have undertaken over the years. It is also a great example of what can be achieved through the assistance of community. It is proof that a big idea can become reality with the support of others who are willing to support it.

I appreciate your interest and invite you to connect.


Photos by Vince Ready, Lasting Light Photography https://lastinglight.photo/